Latest China Visit

Mike and Lu have just returned to the UK after an extended trip to China to visit four of Weddles biggest Asian projects. This included a visit to the following projects:


Tongcheng 640 420
Commencement and celebration of the extensive residential and hotel development in Tongcheng. Mike and Lu attended TV interviews to present the landscape concept for this flagship mixed use development. Tongcheng (桐城), Anhui Provence

Completion of public park within a mix use Huahai development. The residential and retail complex is also nearing completion. Central Shanghai (上海).

Sheshan Social HousingStart of construction of this large mixed use, social housing development. Sheshan (佘山), Shanghai (上海).

Mike and Lu also met with the client to discuss our new mixed use project in Kaifeng. The development will become the home to the internationally acclaimed animated reproduction of the famous painting known as “River of Wisdom” (清明上河圖.) First seen at the the 2010 Shanghai world expo, this Kaifeng project will become its permanent home. The painter, Zhang Ze-Duan (張擇端) lived between 1085 -1145. This painting depicts the life of the people of Kaifeng, where a large Jewish community lived and prospered during the Sung dynasty. Kaifeng (開封), Henan Province