Bat Activity Surveys

Requirement for planning approval where bats, evidence of bat activity or habitat value is present at your site.

Weddles undertake bat surveys in Sheffield and across the UK. These are conducted after a walkover survey if evidence of bats has been identified, or if presence of bats is known it is possible to skip directly to this stage. This survey is conducted at dusk and dawn and is seasonally restricted to between the months of May and September inclusive. We undertake the emergence and/or dawn re-entry surveys, in accordance with the provisions of the Bat Conservation Trust publication; Bat Surveys – Good Practice Guidelines.

Typically dusk emergence and dawn re-entry surveys involve two or more surveyors with ‘eyes on’ all the elevations of your property, either at dusk and into the night, when bats emergence from their roost to feed; or likewise at dawn, when they return to roost. (BCT Guidelines). We use Infra-red cameras, full-spectrum analysis (using Anabat Insight) to identify and assist with species determination.

If it is suspected that bats are utilising features as hibernation roosts during winter, or that an area has high potential for foraging or commuting bats, static monitoring surveys are required to characterise the use by bats. We offer static monitoring services using a suite of full-spectrum bat detectors, conducting in-house statistical analysis on the bat calls in accordance with the BCT guidelines.

  • Limited survey season of May to September
  • Heterodyne identification
  • Working to Good Practice Guidelines (BCT Guidelines).

Bat Emergence

Bat Emergence Drawing


Bat Mitigation Drawing