Hangzhou complete

Hangzhou complete

Weddles trip to China in August included a visit to the recently completed Hangzhou Residential development. Weddles have been working closely with the developers to produce a high quality landscape masterplan for the shared private garden.  The design and implementation has proven to be a great success, as now all 1229 residential units have been sold.  The gardens are in a European classical style and  based on the language of curves, linking a series of individual ‘jewel’ themed semi-private garden rooms.


The sweeping curves within the design, and the unique jewels are emphasized using sculptures and colourful planting.  The curves hold the design together when seen from above, whilst the jewel gardens ensure external recreational spaces are provided at a human scale to satisfy the needs of users of all ages.


The landscape is set to improve the living environment and quality of life of the new residents and their visitors, set to move in over the next few months.