Increased recognition of the value of natural habitats has been a main theme of our work over the past 50 years. We are experts in delivering cost-effective ecological surveys in Sheffield and around the country. We are involved across the whole ecology spectrum, initially as scientists carrying out surveys to record species present on a very wide range of sites. Then as expert advisors, recommending which species can be protected during development, and which can be translocated to new habitats. Finally as designers of the new habitat types.

In the course of this work we have moved colonies of natterjack toads and greater crested newts, protected badgers and bats, created new habitat for lizards, conserved nesting sites for woodpeckers and owls, and helped our clients to attract and retain interesting wildlife in gardens, commercial and industrial sites, and nature reserves.

We undertake a full range of habitat and species specific surveys relevant for planning applications.

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Bat Surveys
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 Habitat Surveys

Ecological Scoping Study

  • Desk Based Study
  • Highlights existing designations
  • Highlights site ecological constraints
Details statutory and non-statutory designation and likely ecological constraints to your site.



Phase 1 Habitat Survey

  • JNCC 2010 Guidelines
  • Walkover Study
  • Sufficient for BREEAM credits
Benchmark ecological assessment plan and report with photographic and written description of site habitats .


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Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey

  • JNCC 2010 Guidelines
  • Comprehensive Report and Plan
  • Planning Approval
Extended to included local biological records. Suitable for discharge of ecological planning conditions.


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Bat Surveys

Preliminary Bat Roost Assessment

  • Any time of year
  • Initial Assessment
  • Buildings and Trees
Often required for validation of planning application.



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Bat Activity Survey

  • May to September
  • IN136 Bat mitigation guidelines
  • Planning Approval
Requirement for planning approval where bats, evidence of bat activity or habitat value is present at your site.


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Sustainable Credits


  • LE 1-6 Credits
  • Cost Effective
  • 100+ Projects Completed
Earn cost effective LE1-6 credits for your development with simple, practical actions for ecological enhancement.


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Code for Sustainable Homes

  • ECO1-4 credits
  • Cost Effective
  • Ensuring legal compliance
Earn cost effective ECO1-4 credits for your development with simple, practical actions for ecological enhancement.


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Japanese Knotweed


Additional Services

Invasive Species Survey

  • Japanese Knotweed
  • Giant Hogweed
  • Environment Agency Guidelines
Details survey and mitigation strategy if invasive species are present on site to discharge planning conditions.

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  • Ecological Impact Assessment

  • Ecological Comparative Assessment

  • Landscape and Wildlife Mitigation Schemes

  • Ecological Management Plan